BREAKING: ICE Arrested 367 Illegals Today

It seems that ICE is surprising us more and more these past few weeks as they are no longer held back by the regime of liberals from doing their job.

During a one-day raid across the whole country, ICE managed to capture 367 criminal illegals, and if that is not winning like Trump promised during his campaign, we don’t know what is.

It was announced last week by immigration officials that at least 367 individuals were detained in a series of raid operations, nearly one day across the whole country.

The arrests were being announced throughout the entire week, starting from last Monday when the ICE officials stated that they arrested 153 individuals only in South Texas, during a 12-day operation.

On Tuesday, ICE reported arresting 75 individuals in a three-day operation in North Texas, and on Wednesday, they came back with reports of 82 arrested individuals over a period of 5 days in Virginia, Maryland as well as the District of Columbia.

Approximately 31 individuals were arrested in a three day raid in the New York City area, and finally, this Thursday, ICE captured 26 individuals detained in Colorado and Wyoming in a time period of 4 days.

ICE agents conduct raids on daily basis, however, the types of investigations like the one announced last week have been rarer.

ICE stated that the operations focused solely on arresting criminal aliens illegal re-entrants as well as immigration fugitives, and now that the immigration crisis is becoming well-checked, we are definitely expecting to see more successful raids being reported in the near future.

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