Dana Boente Believes Obama Should Be Charged With Treason!

Former president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has found himself in a troubling position this week after a high-ranked government official asked that the former president was charged with treason.

It is very clear that Boente didn’t see eye-to-eye with Barack Obama during this last period.

Dana Boente worked as a US District Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. he was next in the line of succession for Attorney General until Obama signed an executive order cutting him out of the line of succession right before he left office. Trump immediately restored Boente as soon as he got into the White House.

Furthermore, Boente was supposed to get the Attorney General position, but that didn’t work out.

As you are well aware, Barack Obama signed an executive order that enabled him to drop Boente out of the line of succession. He also did this before he left the White House for good.

When Donald Trump became the president, Boente was restored immediately.

It is now clear that Barack Obama knew that Boente could expose him, so he dropped him as soon as the situation allowed it. In that way, he protected himself, at least temporarily.

We were all aware that Barack Obama had a lot of skeletons in his closet, and the same is true for his fellow democrat, Hillary Clinton.

If she was to become president instead of Trump, Clinton would have continued Obama’s legacy and America would have been left in ruins.

It is bold of Boente to speak up in the way he did, we just hope that Obama gets what he deserves.

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