Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik, releases the family’s secret.

Malik Obama, who claims to have voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. He is the half-brother of President Obama. He then tweeted a picture of former President Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate. The white house at the time Obama was in office only released a controversial Long-form Hawaiian birth certificate.

The hospital is Coast Province General Hospital in Kenya.

The tweeted image by Malik Obama was quickly deleted. Here it is below:

The birth certificate of former President Barack Hussein Obama was released by his half-brother Malik Obama today.

“Now that my brother’s term is ended I am free to declare my support for Donald J. Trump President of the U.S.A.”.

Above, the profile picture and quote from Malik Obama’s twitter account.

Other great quotes from the article Malik wrote in the New York Post last fall:

I am back in the US and will be voting for Mr. Trump early next week in Maryland.

My [half-] brother Barack Obama is a big disappointment.

Why did he not come home to Kogelo [the family village] on his visit to Kenya last year? Why did he not provide for the family when they came to see him in Nairobi? (They experienced extreme hardship and left immediately after the dinner.)

Why did he not support and write a forward for my book about his father Barack Obama Sr.?

Why does he not support my foundation set up in the name of his father Barack Obama Sr.?

My two children died; it was nothing to him. No condolences, nothing!

Why should I support him in politics, and he didn’t support me in politics?

Hillary Clinton is a liar and totally corrupt. What is her Clinton Foundation doing for Kenya if she loves Obama so much?

Mr. Trump is a successful businessman. He will make America great again. He is not heartless.

I will not be humiliated anymore by anybody.

The press is corrupt and rigged.

Snopes wrote an article about this very image, BUT they do not give details of this documents origin. They only say it was offered for sale in 2009, but not by whom. They claim it is a forgery however, it has never been released by the half-brother of former President Obama.

Conveniently for Snopes, there is no way to check to see when they update their articles… It looks like the Internet Archive doesn’t want anyone to know what Snopes is up to? Or, did Snopes force them to stop watching?

The Left has already started to accuse Malik Obama of being a troublemaker and dismissing his claim. The real question is, has Malik Obama had this document in hand since 2009, was he the person who offered it for sale? We have reached out to Malik Obama for comment and as of yet received no response.

Also, the Image Tweeted by Malik Obama appears to be the same as the image in this video:

The interesting part about all of this is how the Mainstream Media is reacting. They haven’t invited Malik Obama to defend the document out of hand. The truth may never really be known, but a few things are certain:

MALIK OBAMA the half-brother of former President Obama has issues with his brother that need to be worked out. The Mainstream Media doesn’t seem to care, which should make everyone ask even more questions!

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