Gen. Vallely Suggests Obama Be Arrested For “Treasonous Activities”

Our disgraceful president Barack Obama made plenty of decision and took many actions in which were questionable and could be considered treasonous.

Retired Major General Paul E. Vallely said in a radio interview that Obama ought to be charged for TREASON against the United States. Vallely brought Obama’s sympathy toward the Muslim Brotherhood to attention as well as Barack’s chilling response to Benghazi.

Major General included that high-ranking military officials only had the ability to hold Barack accountable for his actions.

Radio host Joe Messina stated Barack could swap out military leader with leader that agreed with him. Vallely responded suggesting that “we arrest him for treasonous activities.”

Vallely said the Citizens Commission on Benghazi, which he heads, could bring up 14 examples in which the president has commit treason.

“We know he’s a radical Islamic sympathizer. He sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood,” Vallely said.

Obama’s Muslim sympathizing has resulted in the Middle East succumbing to control by Islamic terror groups as Vallely explained. Everything we accomplished in the Middle East is being undone as we know it.


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