Professor: ‘Trump Must Hang,’ Republicans Should Be Executed For Each Immigrant Deported

We are shocked that there are still people like these running free across our nation, and worse of all, educating our youth. This history professor from California State University, Fresno, took it to twitter to advocate the death of President Donald Trump, and asked for him to be hanged. We are speechless.

Recent tweets fired from the account which reportedly belongs to Professor Lars Miaschak, call for the hanging of President Trump, in order to “save American democracy” and on top of that, he added that the only “cure” for racist people is a bullet to their head. And although the account is not verified, twitter communications between the account and other twitter users have indicated that it does indeed belong to the professor.

“To save American democracy, Trump must hang,” wrote Professor Lars Miaschak back in February. “The sooner and the higher, the better. #TheResistance #DeathToFascism.”

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Just the thought of these people with monstrous ideas educating our youth, our pure and beautiful children of America, is terrifying. If he is ready to write this on a social media site for everyone to see, just think of the things he might tell the young adults in a private classroom.

If you ask us, the sooner the Secret Service visists

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